1st Response is 24 year old dubstep and EDM solo artist Andrew Jewell. Andrew was born and raised in South Africa, KZN and immigrated to Brisbane, Australia in 2006 where he still resides today.

1st Responce

1st Response has a frenetic sound, fierce and futuristic; heavy bass and wild drums are at the heart of every song. He has been compared to Skrillex, Flume and Skream; of all his influences Chase and Status, Meta, Varien and JoeySuki are the most profound. Andrew’s main goal with 1st Response is to create enjoyable music.

Dubstep emerged in the late 90’s and continues gaining popularity in the club scene and even further. The genre often features syncopated drums and sub bass frequencies; a genre of experimental noise and beats. It’s only a matter of time before 1st Response becomes an influential creator in the dubstep scene.

1st Response primarily creates music on a keyboard and Ableton software working Live on a PC.

1st Response is about great music, great times, good people, common decency, respect and at all times a heavy bass line.

1st Response is not currently touring but many songs can be heard online at


You can follow 1st Response
Twitter : https://twitter.com/1stResponseBass
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/1stresponseunit

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